Where Do I Find My UAV's Serial Number?

On newer vehicles, the serial number is on the top of the UAV on a QR code sticker. On older vehicles, it can be found on a small foil tag on the bottom or top of your UAV.

How Can I Clean My Drone?

You can blow off your UAV with compressed air, and wipe off any tough debris with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and a soft microfiber cloth. Use caution not to dampen electronics.

WARNING FLAMMABLE! Use Caution and follow safety warnings on the product.

After flight, why are my IF1200A difficult -nearly impossible- to unlock and fold down?

The thrust produced by the vehicle can sometime make the arms on the IF1200A difficult to unlock. If this happens, support the arm of the bottom with a minor amount of upward force while sliding the lock. This should release the shoulder.

Why did my IF1200A initiate a Return to Launch?

This is a safety parameter we set at the factory to avoid catastrophic events happening due to low battery voltage. The aircraft will initiate a Return to Launch (RTL) at 3,500mAh. The aircraft will preform an emergency, automatic landing in-place if the amperage drops to 2,000mAh.

Why won't my Gremsy T3 gimbal initialize when my IF170 is powered on?

Gremsy has updated the T3 gimbal with spark protection. Their user's manual for the T3 states that power must be on prior to plugging in the gimbal. For the IF750 this means that the gimbal must be "hot plugged" after the IF750 has been powered on.

What if there are obstacles in the flight path if a Return to Launch is initiated?

If you're operating around power lines, trees, or tall structures, you would definitely want to set your RTL altitude at a height that would avoid those obstacles. You can set that altitude in QGC by going into Settings (the gear icon in the upper left of the QGC main screen) under the Safety tab.

What happens if my IF1200A loses GPS signal?

The two GPS antennas on top of the IF1200A are redundant. If one goes down the other will still provide GPS position data. If GPS is jammed or lost altogether the drone will go into Altitude Hold flight mode. You will have manual control of the aircraft at that point and can safely land.

What do I do if my drone flies away?

There are fail safes in place to prevent fly away. If the drone flies away it would mean that the fail safe protocols set in place were either altered, disabled, or the system ignored them. It's good practice when planning missions to ensure that your waypoints are within your mission parameters. We don't recommend enabling Smart RTL. You can set an inclusive or exclusive fence for the mission and set a breach point in QGC, in case the drone exceeds mission boundaries.

My drone has Remote ID and won't arm. I keep getting a "Lost Operator Location" error in QGC. What do I do?
  1. The current best practice is to power on the drone and allow it to begin its boot sequence prior to opening anything on the Herelink controller.

  1. As the drone is booting up, open the Herelink Settings application (the green gear icon on the Herelink controller home screen) and navigate to the Remote ID tab.

  1. Open QGC and let the vehicle parameters fully load. At this point, if you have >10 satellites you may hear the tone that indicates your GPS signal is locked and you are clear to arm the drone and fly.

  1. If that does not happen, navigate back to the Herelink Settings Remote ID tab and check that Ready to Arm says Yes, and Remote ID Device Detected says True.

  1. If those two things are good, and the data above them appears to be actively updating, navigate back to QGC.

At this point you should hear the tone that indicates GPS lock.

If, after a minute or two, this does not happen, you may need to power down the drone and reboot the hand controller and start the sequence from the beginning.

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