HereLink Binding / Pairing

Binding or Pairing the HereLink controller with the IF1200A



Locate the payload shroud on the underside of the aircraft.


Remove the payload shroud by unscrewing the six M3 button-head screws with a 2mm hex screwdriver.


Important: Check to make sure the antennas are fully plugged in after removing the shroud. Locate the "Pairing" button on the HereLink AirUnit. This is a small, round, recessed button very similar to a modem or router's reset button.


Turn on the vehicle by pressing the power button.


Open the HereLink Settings App on the controller (green gear icon). This can be found by tapping on the squares in the bottom right of the home screen. Look for an icon with a gear icon and a green background.


Navigate to the ‘RADIO’ Tab. Note: Once the “Pair” button is pressed you have about 30 seconds to pair the controller with the drone. If that window is missed, begin again.


Press the ‘PAIR’ button in the top right of the menu.


Gently press and hold the small, round pair/reset button on the HereLink AirUnit with a thin pick, toothpick or similar tool.


Hold it pressed in until a pop up says “Pairing Successful” and the “Uplink Rate” is displaying information.


Once it's confirmed as paired, re-install the shroud.

If you are having trouble pairing the Airunit and Ground Station, complete the “Updating” step which is covered next here. You’ll need to start the pairing process again after updating the unit.

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