MavCam for Phase One

Activation and Camera Control


The MavCam upgrade must be purchased from the AirPixel website and activated from the HereLink controller that will be used. The purchase must be made through the website before sending the upgrade request and they will ask for your email & order number for confirmation. In MavCam (2.0 or higher) the Phase One P3 upgrade request can be sent through from the HereLink controller when connected to a Wi-Fi network. When the request is sent, the AirPixel team will approve the IP address for the controller to use the upgrade.

Select the Manage Upgrade option to bring up the request options. Here you will send the request or check the result of the upgrade status.

Once Activated, the interface will now read the P3 upgrade as Active.


Swipe up to see the MavCam interface, there are now options to control the Phase One camera settings. Speed, Aperture and ISO can be controlled by enabling the CD Tool. Swipe right on the MavCam menu to bring up the application settings.

Select this option then long press the D button to bring up the Quick action settings. Selecting ISO, Speed or Iris will now allow you to use the HereLink C & D buttons to control the selection.

The Gimbal can now be controlled using the virtual joystick. Select the MavCam Option to bring up the interface.

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