Wiris Enterprise Troubleshooting

Common Issues Specific to the Workswell Wiris Enterprise Integtation


Workswell GUI in Herelink displays "Failed to switch camera modes" when switching between photo and video.

This is a known bug and does not affect functionality.

This is normal.

GUI or zoom buttons fail to operate camera; GUI frozen.

This is caused by operating the camera controls too quickly. Close and re-open QGC. If still frozen, restart vehicle. This is a known bug.

When "Format Memory" is chosen in QGC GUI, GUI is greyed out, counter does not successfully reset to "0".

Delete photos by connecting computer to camera's micro USB connector and selecting all folders in file explorer to delete from camera, or use USB keyboard and format memory within camera's menu. This is a known bug.

GUI does not appear in QGC, or has limited functionality.

Camera definition file missing or out of date. Erase QGC storage from apps menu, connect Herelink Ground Unit to WiFi, and power on drone. Definition file will automatically download from Workswell servers.

GUI missing and does not appear after connecting Herelink to WiFi, but camera powers on.

Inspect Mavlink wiring.

Camera goes into safe boot mode.

Inspect Mavlink wiring.

Clearing the "Ethernet Mode is activated" Pop-up Message on screen.

  1. Ensure 'Show menu nav widget' is selected. To do this, Press QGC icon>IGC> Checkbox 'Show menu nav widget'.

  2. Once the arrow keys appear on the home screen, press the ‘Right’ button to clear the message. The camera should now regain full functionality.

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