Wiris Enterprise

Overview of the Workswell Wiris Enterprise Integration

The Enterprise has multiple hardware I/O options for connectivity, at IFT the Mavlink communication interface is used for communication and control between flight controller and camera. This operates via a single 3-wire cable connected between a telemetry port on the flight controller and the camera. A Mavlink license key is required to be entered into the camera for registration prior to first-time use. Connection and communication operates in the same way for the Workswell Pro, Workswell Agro, Workswell Security, and other Workswell cameras. The Herelink system automatically downloads a camera definition file when a supported camera is detected, and provides a camera-specific GUI within QGC. For first time use, this definition file requires an internet connection to be downloaded, but remains on the ground station following that.

To control the camera outside of the control-loop of the drone, a full sized USB port on the back of the camera is used to plug a keyboard into. More advanced configuration options are available through this method, such as updating firmware, changing digital control data rates, advanced palette configuration, etc.

Workswell documentation, downloads, and software is available through the https://my.workswell.eu/ website, which requires users/owners to create an account and register their camera prior to access. IFT uses an account for registering all newly purchased cameras, prior to integration. Access to this can be forwarded to a customer upon request.

Under a standard use-case for this camera, the connections are as follows:

Power from Drone to Camera
  • Camera accepts 9-36v, drone provides gimbal with power, gimbal provides camera with power via internal regulator (T3V3) or passthrough (PIXY)

SBUS from Drone to Gimbal
  • Provides control of gimbal via Herelink, camera does not use this connection

Recording Photos and Videos

To record photos and videos, the Workswell Enterprise uses an internal SSD. Photos can be recorded to a micro SD card as well, but IFT configures the camera to store all media to the built in SSD by default. Access to this SSD is provided via a micro USB port on the side of the camera. With the camera powered on, a computer will register the camera as a standard external storage device when connected. Files can be safely copied from the camera to a computer and deleted from the camera, but the camera must NOT BE FORMATTED using an external device. If formatting is desired, it can be accomplished via the camera’s internal menus, accessible via Mavlink/Herelink, or keyboard control.

For physical mounting of the camera to drone, IFT uses Gremsy gimbals. The Enterprise can be installed into a Gremsy T3V3 or Gremsy PIXY WE. The T3V3 provides wider compatibility with other payload integration options, while the PIXY WE provides a more seamless physical integration, lighter weight, and smaller footprint.

The PIXY WE is purpose built for the Workswell Enterprise, with cables and connectors internally wired out of the box. A shroud that covers the back I/O portion of the camera is integral with the gimbal, so once it’s assembled, no wires or plugs are exposed.

IF1200A and Workswell Enterprise Mock Inspection

The Workswell Enterprise multisensor camera gives a multitude of image outputs. Each time an image is captured, a set of 5 separate photos is collected of the same scene, Thermal High Resolution, Visible High Resolution, screen shot of what is seen on the controller, Optical Image, and Standard IR image. Workswell Thermolab software can be used in thermogram analysis post processing.


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