HereLink Hand Controller (Blue and Black)

The configurations covered in this section are for the HereLink hand controllers.

The User Guide for the Blue and Black versions of this hand controller can be found online at the links below.

HereLink Blue:

HereLink Black:


Loiter, Position Hold & RTL flight modes are programmed by IFT to the 'A' , 'B' & 'Home' buttons on HereLink controllers. 'A' for Loiter , 'B' for Position Hold & 'Home' is for RTL.

DO NOT select the other flight modes in the drop-down menu on the HereLink controller.

  • The HereLink hand controller has an internal battery which can be charged via a micro USB port on the bottom of the unit.

  • The HereLink hand controller has QGroundControl software installed at the factory.

NOTE: The Herelink hand controller can be used while it is being charged.

NOTE: Controller commands can vary based on payload integration.

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