General Integration Troubleshooting

Common issues with camera integrations; not payload specific.


Video feed shows FPV feed instead of payload feed.

“Video Stream” selection in QGC is on the wrong feed, switch Stream selection.

Video stream does not initialize.

Power off camera, power off vehicle. Restart Herelink ground station. Repeat power on procedure. Replace HDMI cable.

Video feed flashing between feeds/noisy image.

Switch “Video Stream” selection in QGC to “Stream 1” and back to “Stream 2”

Video feed twitching horizontally/vertically.

Poor HDMI connection. Ensure connectors are fully seated, clean with alcohol wipe.

Gimbal fails to initialize, red light on gimbal.

Check gimbal free movement, check gimbal balance. Ensure the gimbal is set still while powering on. Ensure camera lens is retracted prior to powering on the vehicle. Press the “Mode” button on the bottom of the gimbal to retry initialization. Recalibrate gimbal IMU.

Gimbal initializes, but no Pan/Tilt control.

Ensure gimbal status light solid blue. Verify “SBUS” cable connected at quick disconnect. Press “TILT” button in Mavcam, ensure “SBUS” and “MOTORS” lights are green. Ensure Herelink "Wheel" and "CAM" button configured in "Herelink Settings" configuration app.

Stream selection is correct, but wrong stream is shown.

Power off camera, power off drone, close QGC. Wait 45 seconds, open QGC, power drone and payload back on.

Gimbal drifts without input.

If the drift axis does not change when the “CAM” button is pressed; recalibrate gimbal IMU. If the drift axis does change when the “CAM” button is pressed; increase the controller deadzone.

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