Using the HereLink Hand Controller

Both the HereLink Blue and HereLink Black hand controllers have QGroundControl (QGC) software installed at the factory.

QGC Documentation

Full documentation for QGC is available at:

Training videos describing all aspects of planning and uploading an autonomous mission are also available online.

You can also reference Inspired Flight's QGround Control Basics and Mission Planning guides later in this manual.




Install the antennas on the top of the hand controller.


Press and hold the power button on the hand controller. Two applications appear on the hand controller’s screen (Fig. 1). Select QGroundControl (QGC).


Two icons appear in the toolbar in the upper-left corner of the QGroundControl screen (see below) Plan and Fly icons.

Tap on either icon to switch between the two screens.

Plan & Fly

NOTE: When QGroundControl is first opened, it defaults to Fly mode, which displays a connected camera’s video stream and map.

Use this screen to plan and upload autonomous missions to the UAV.

  • Waypoints can be added and configured to plan a mission.

  • Tools are available to create various patterns such as surveys and corridor scans.

  • A Mission Command List appears on the right-hand side of the screen where you can change waypoints and planned actions.

NOTE: QGC can be accessed on the HereLink or on a laptop receiving a Wi-Fi signal from the HereLink.

GPS & Satellite

IMPORTANT! Satellites and HDOP

  • To assure a GPS lock, the aircraft must be connected to a minimum of 10 satellites before flying.

  • Assure HDOP is NOT EXCEEDING 1.4, IDEALLY HDOP will be below 1


GPS Satellite Count and Status: This is indicated in the toolbar at the top of the QGroundControl screen (Fig. 2).

The top number is the Satellite Count, the bottom number is the HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision).

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